Sea Legs

Before coming back to the States, I read several articles about ‘repatriation’ or ‘reverse culture shock’. The gist being that it can be harder to come back home then move to an entirely new country. As happens, I believed that this wouldn’t apply to me so much because I wanted to go home; I wanted to be back in America so for me there would be little to no culture shock. And as happens, I was kinda wrong. To say that I am happy to be back in San Diego is an understatement. This morning I went to breakfast with…

miracle bag!

My sister Ann gave me theses great bags for packing called ‘Space Bags: to go’ – they are the kind of bags that one might see on an infomercial.  You know, the kind where they show you how fantastic the product is with customer testimonials and a bunch of demonstrations?  I have to tell you, they totally work! I am attaching a couple of photos.  In the photo with the plastic bag, the bag is holding nine coats/jackets, one sweater, one hat, and two pair of jeans – it may not seem like much but it cuts the bulk just about…


The countdown has begun!  I leave next Friday, July 3oth. Very exciting, but I realized yesterday that I have more stuff than bags.  I have to decide what stays and what goes.  Then as I was supposed to be packing, I found an article on the internet about people who are on a ‘clothes diet’.  They took the challenge to only wear 6 items of clothing for one month – they could use any accessories, but only 6 pieces of clothing.  It makes sense – I usually wear the same stuff all of the time anyways, but it’s difficult  because…

summer vacation begins

My students threw me the BEST going away party!  I was so surprised and touched by their thoughtfulness, it was amazing. I also received so many kind letters and cards, I felt a bit overwhelmed by it all.  My cup runneth over from all of the love and appreciation.  I am one lucky teacher to have such wonderful students.  I will miss teaching at Marshall and all of the amazing students.

blogging fool

I figured that a blog would be a great way to update friends and family when I move across the world to China this August.  I never dreamed it would take me an entire weekend to figure this blog thing out, but I think I am getting the hang of it!  Fingers crossed!