Work is coming to a close – it’s so weird to think I won’t be teaching at Marshall anymore…


  1. Cindy Zaino

    We will miss you, to say the least, but are very happy for you and your new adventure!

  2. Merik Manzano

    Hello Ms. Wackowiak, I just got home and wanted to be the first one to get to you on the blog when the last day of school ended. Looks like I did, but anyway good luck in China, get back to me. Thank you for the Cabrillo disk and the Thank you card.

    Your now old student,

  3. alysa ojeda

    cool website ill miss u .!!! hope u have fun in china!!!!!!


    i really like this website except some words dont make sense i hope you will keep in touch with me. maybe someday i will visit.

  5. Angela D'Alessio

    i will miss you, i hope we can keep in touch. When i’m in high school i might visit you. This is going to be a cool experience for you.

  6. we all miss you hopefully you could come back be fore i move to middle school !

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