The countdown has begun!  I leave next Friday, July 3oth. Very exciting, but I realized yesterday that I have more stuff than bags.  I have to decide what stays and what goes.  Then as I was supposed to be packing, I found an article on the internet about people who are on a ‘clothes diet’.  They took the challenge to only wear 6 items of clothing for one month – they could use any accessories, but only 6 pieces of clothing.  It makes sense – I usually wear the same stuff all of the time anyways, but it’s difficult  because I always tell myself, I might need that… who knows?  I might end up on that yacht with Tim McGraw or Benicio del Toro and I will need that sweater!  Or not, but a girl can dream.  So in the meantime,  I just have to read that article several times and get in the mindset.  Still would like the yacht scenario, but below are a couple of links about the clothes diet – enjoy!

Six Items or Less

New York Times article


  1. tree54

    What a great idea! You could totally do this! Its all about the accessories anyway…:)

  2. Remember ‘Less is More”….hhmmm. I guess you can borrow Tim’s jacket if you get cold on the yacht!!!!…hehehe. xoxo

  3. I cannot believe that you are going to leave soon! Have a safe trip. I will be thinking of you on Friday as you begin your journey.

    I look forward to hearing about your experiences in China.

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