IMG_3726Since moving abroad, this blog has served as a great way to document my adventures, post photos, and generally keep friends and family in the loop. Currently, I live in Dubai but I believe that I am still in a bit of denial about not living in Istanbul anymore. Dubai is very glamorous but it is no Istanbul. To be fair, I feel that way about every city… it is not Istanbul. However, I am slowly recovering and I do occasionally travel around the globe. I will also share those adventures as well.

All things considered, I hope you enjoy reading this blog and perhaps it will help your mind wonder a little bit into a different world.



  1. Angela D'Alessio

    i think its a good idea that you made a blog and that you’r going to China.

  2. Stay away from the Toe Fondlers

  3. I loved reading your blog, Claire! Your pictures are improving each time, with more feeling, intensity and story. You are a remarkable person 🙂

  4. Stephanie Zuniga

    Claire! Hi I love reading your blog, you’re an inspiration to me. I want to do what you are doing right now! Can you please e-mail me, I’d love to be in touch. You’re still my favorite sixth grade teacher!

  5. Emily Bonilla

    Hello Ms Wachowiak! Not sure if you remember me but I’m Emily Bonilla from Thurgood Marshall and I was in your 4/5 combo class in 2008-09! So great to see you continue teaching and take beautiful photos just as I remember! Hope you’re doing well!

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