Bling Squared

Even though I live in Dubai, I never really understood the wealth until I tried on a half a million dollar diamond ring. Half a million dollars. It was so pretty. As I was admiring the clarity and brilliance of the gem, the salesmen informed me that he recently sold a 10 karat ring for a cool million. Just someone who had walked in, looking for a new ring.

Monili was the jeweller that was recommended to me to have a necklace made. So I cashed in a couple of very old gold jewellery pieces (which certainly did not add up to $500,000) and went in tonight to see the finished mold. My salesman, Gerald, then took me to the factory which was just in another part of the building.

When there are millions of dollars being sold, I wasn’t expecting the factory to look like this:

I guess I expected the artisans to be dressed in tuxedos or something. But alas, just blue uniform tops.

The people who work here are mostly from Calcutta, India and are related by family or long time friendships. They must work in India before coming to Dubai, which is considered a very good place to have a job. The gentleman that was working with the very expensive diamonds had been working their for five years. The precision with which each of these men worked was impressive. For a factory, the atmosphere was busy but relaxed too. I didn’t feel ‘in the way’ and they even took the knots out of my necklace and included a polish!

The finished product will be complete by the end of this week. Although it has zero karats and no emeralds, I love it! Will post a photo when ready. In the meantime, please enjoy some additional photos of the factory below as well as a quick video.

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  1. Susan Wachowiak

    Looking forward to seeing your new “creation”! As with everything you do, it will be spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Christy Herrmann

    Nice to see how the other 1% live, eh? This sounds fascinating. The craftsman/artist was fun to watch. Looking forward to seeing your new piece of jewelry. In recent years I had my Mom’s engagement ring and Grandmother’s wedding ring made into a necklace. I wear it everyday and enjoy having a historical momento with me all the time.

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