Department of Humanity

So if there is a God, I kind of think of him like this. He runs a giant, universal Corporation. He gave us a beautiful floor in the building with everything we need. And I mean, everything.

However, as much as we would like to think we are a priority, Humanity is just one of the many Departments within this Corporation. Now because this Corporation is so large, he doesn’t always have time to deal with our every need. In fact, like most bosses, he expects us to do the best with what we have. His thinking is, I have given you the tools, great tools and benefits, now do your job.

So off he goes, dealing with other matters.  Or maybe he is playing golf or cricket. Sometimes he has his people check in (hello parking fairies and other small miracles). But by in large, he’s not worried about the Grammys or a sports team. He is busy. But within this vast Department there are many things happening. Too many. Perhaps some things that happen are just bad luck or crummy timing. Maybe there are just some really big jerks on this floor that we all have to work with. Or it’s a universal like Karma. Or even more simply, maybe it is just good luck. Or perhaps it’s being ready and seizing an opportunity. The point is, we need to work things out as he is dealing with other matters, personal or work related. 

In my mind, he wants us to get along but he literally does not have time to micromanage. And sometimes, when we call on him, he just might thinking, look can’t you see the massive job I have? Yours is tiny but do it well. Get along with your colleagues because they are all you’ve got so sort it out. Instead of pointing fingers, thinking every opinion needs to be heard, or everything should go the way that one or two groups wants things to go…help each other out. Be kind. We have the tools. Use them and perhaps if we use them well, the Department called Humanity will succeed.

But we seem to have become a delegations of departments within the Department; all with the same manual that basically says the same thing, but has been interpreted differently because people within the Department have begun to form cliques. Humanity has begun fighting over space in the fridge. And maybe he is frustrated with us. Maybe he is like, just sort it out.

Because when I meet people in these smaller delegations within the Department, I like most of the people I meet. Some of their desks are far from mine and getting there takes some planning. And to be honest, their area of the Department looks and sounds different from mine. But we are all in the same floor so maybe they are doing something that I can learn from and improve my own job performance. And maybe not. But it’s worth a shot for a better Department.

And the thing is, we have the tools, we have the means. It’s a big job but it is up to us to make the Department called Humanity a functioning, peaceful Department.

Because right now, I am worried that we have become our problems; that many of the delegations and cliques have forgotten that we all need some space in the fridge. And what some people have left behind is rotting and no one knows how to or worse, doesn’t want to clean it up. Or someone cleaned it up only to claim the space and then proceed to tell others what they can or cannot put in that part of the fridge.

Maybe this is our biggest test to see if our Department is worth it. Maybe we need to create our own miracles. Maybe it’s time to stop looking up and start getting to work. I love our Department and I believe in Humanity. We are capable of such joy, love, and beauty. Astonishing beauty. But right now, the fridge is a rotting, stinking mess that is negatively impacting all of our job performances and quite frankly, no one really wants to be in our Department. 

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  1. Christy Herrmann

    This is just wonderful, Claire. It describes our situation in terms we all can relate to as well as understand. Now, how to help us act on solving this dilemma. Compost, I think.

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