(Not a) Dubai Enthusiast

I am not a Dubai enthusiast. Part of the reason is the cost of living here. It is really expensive. The other reason is that everything is so spread out; one really needs a car. The metro is safe and clean but it’s time consuming and doesn’t go a ton of places at the moment (expansions are happening, just not right now). Plus it’s really hot here. I know, it’s Dubai. But, it’s really hot here! I realize that there are people out there who are going to disagree with me as they think Dubai is the bee’s knees, and I am okay with it. There are some really wonderful aspects but as a whole? Meh.

To be fair, I haven’t even been here a year and any city after Istanbul would have been a let down because my love for that spot on Earth ran deep. And Dubai is not a walking city. There are a lot of cool things to do but they take money and transportation. Take for instance, today. 

As a non-Dubai enthusiast and understanding my time here is coming to a close, I want to make sure that I give Dubai a fair shot. So I went online and searched, ‘best cafes al quoz’. Al Quoz is an area in Dubai that is a very hip and happening place. Art studios, design centers, restaurants, and cafes are hidden amongst the more industrial aspects of the city. It is where I took my ceramics workshops. Within this online search, I learned about this funky, chill cafe called RAW Coffee Company. So off Uber and I went!

This coffee house was almost too cool for me (which is not really hard to believe if you know me well). Interesting art up on the walls where locals mixed with ex-pats. Many bags of coffee beans next to coffee machines that looked like they could solve an energy crisis (very involved). Friendly, international staff, some with beards (you know what I mean). And the mocha. A perfect blend of chocolate and coffee. Bliss!

As I finished up sorting through some of my photos, I paid my bill, and felt very friendly towards Dubai at that moment. As I got in my Uber home (no metro in this part of town), I was talking to the driver from Pakistan (I love talking with the Uber drivers), we were discussing how expensive Dubai is, etc. and then I realized the true cost of my mocha.

With Uber included, my delicious mocha ended up costing $22.

So yeah, I am not a Dubai enthusiast. However, I will continue to seek out opportunities to explore the Emerald City and try not to worry too much about the cost. I think that is the trick about Dubai. Try not to worry about the cost and enjoy. Sounds like I just found the key to life!


  1. Margie Jacobson

    Another great writing piece! That mocha must have been REALLY tasty! 🙂

  2. Susan Wachowiak

    $22 for a mocha–hmm! Thought that might be an April Fools joke until I realized it is April 2~~~~!!!!!

  3. There are some fun things to in Dubai that aren’t as expensive. I just moved here less than 2 years ago and I’m still learning new things about the city. Check out my life in Dubai section on my blog. Camel racing was a fun free event that we just went to! 🙂 btw i will have to try that cafe sometime.

    1. You will love that cafe – great coffee and atmosphere. I think you are probably right and I also think that not having my own car was detrimental to my overall experience. Also, I was coming from Istanbul, a city that had a gazillion things to do within walking distance to my apartment so Dubai probably did not get a fair shot. Thanks for the comment and I will take a look at your blog! Thanks again!

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