Hello Satwa!

Recently, I took a free, 4-week online course called ‘The Power of Colour’ through FutureLearn. I absolutely loved it… loved it. I ended up buying two books: 5000 Years of Textiles (it might take me that long to read it – it’s a large book) and The Brilliant History of Colour in Art. This course just opened up a new world to me; incredibly fascinating in my mind.

So when I heard that Dubai had a textiles district, apart from the Textiles Souk, I quickly urbered it over there.

When I lived in China, there were two main places to buy fabric on the cheap that I knew of: Luohu Shopping Center/ fifth floor and Dongmen (I think this was the name). Both amazing prices and when I look back, I wish I would have taken advantage of that more because buying the right fabric for the right item of clothing is a skill. And it’s just fun. And it was cheap. Like, dirt cheap.

Although the prices in Satwa are not dirt cheap, it is Dubai afterall, I found them reasonable. I told myself I was just going to look but who am I kidding? I bought some fabrics. My next mission is to find a tailor with China prices. Anything is possible in Emerald City… right?

Please excuse the very poor, shaky quality of the video below. I will do better next time but I wanted to give everyone a look at Al Satwa street.


  1. Jude Pidgeon

    Thanks for the tour🤗😏

  2. Susan Wachowiak

    I love the Indian fabric. Can just see a blouse hanging there minus a few seams and hem. Can’t believe one of my daughters finally appreciates a fabric store! It seems I remember comments about “having to go to the fabric store” etc. Maybe some gene just kicked in! Beautiful colors, textures, patterns! Love it all!!!

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