Moving On

As I was sitting in my ceramics studio last week, trying to make rose petals for my new art project, I realized that during the past few months just about everything in my life was up in the air. During the time from March until September, I had all of the below going on (in no particular order):

  • Skin cancer (knock on wood, all clear)
  • Heavy trauma to both knees after a huge fall down some stairs #clutzforlife
  • Looking for a new job with frequent interviews, paperwork, forms, etc.
  • Packing up an apartment I had lived in and loved for four years
  • Shipping and selling items from said beloved apartment
  • Putting my condo on the market (sold in July!!!)
  • Ending of a significant relationship
  • Moving countries
  • Working full time and trying to tie up all loose ends
  • Deciding where to live next
  • Leaving Istanbul (forever a part of my heart)
  • Renting a storage unit and moving my things into said unit
  • Moving to Dubai
  • Starting a new job

And there I was in a studio in Dubai, after having left much of that behind me, finding myself in unknown territory. Without the financial burden and responsibility of owning a place and with the ability to redefine who I am after leaving Istanbul, there is more than a little freedom in this situation. And I sit here and write this, I have ideas about what I want to do, who I want to be, and where I want to go but nothing definite.

If I am being honest, I find this rather daunting but also quite inspiring at the same time. How will I use this opportunity and what will I make of it? … not quite sure yet but hopefully it will be full of love, creativity, inspiration, health, fun, family, friends, cash, naps, and a dog. Here’s to hope and a little bit of luck!


  1. Amen, sister! Keep dusting yourself off and enjoy the ride…woohoo!

  2. Susan Wachowiak

    Well you can’t say your life isn’t interesting! It’s hard to keep up with all you are doing! One month of your life is like a year in most other people!!!! Or longer!!!!!

  3. Stephanie Zuniga

    Wow! Such great experiences you’ve had throughout the years, looks so great. I really love to read your blogs, so inspiring. I aspire to travel and teach, see the world, photograph it all. I miss you, glad I can see you through your blog.
    -LOVE, Stephanie Zuñiga

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