Reading the Signs

When deciding to stay at an international school, most schools want the ‘soft’ decision of whether you are staying or going by October but by December, they need to know the definite yes or no because they have to start recruiting. I have already given my soft yes but there are always questions, well no. There were no questions about China… but the point is, it is a major life decision. Plus, recruiting is a brutal process and moving isn’t much fun either.

And if you commit but then flake or change your mind, you can get blacklisted. No bueno.

As a result, I have stared taking Turkish lessons this year. Right now, it’s about once a week and I realized that this is not enough for me, so I am going to up my classes to twice a week and really give it a go… if I am going to stay. Language lessons are a major commitment in both time and money in my mind. So I am staying, but again, always some questions which I think is normal. The thing of it is, I just love this city. But at the same time being away from my family and friends in the States is really, really difficult.

Then a funny thing happened. I was buying some flowers on my way home from class and there on the sidewalk was this beautiful water color of Istanbul. And the thing of it was, there was no one even close to it. I really felt that this picture was for me. So I scooped it up and continued walking. The wind would have taken it had I not.

I don’t think signs get much clearer than that! So pack your bags and come for a visit!!!



  1. OMG Claire! The water color is beautiful and what a sign! I love you!

  2. Susan Wachowiak

    Istanbul is definitely a beautiful and interesting place! Although we miss having you so far away, we all are happy that you are happy!

  3. It sounds like you made the right decision, you couldn’t have asked for a more clear sign. I am so proud of you for making teaching abroad a reality and for finding a city that your truly love. On a side note, I hope that your ankle is fully healed! Have a beautiful week!

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