Airport Lounges

It still amazes me that I can be in one country one morning and a few hours later, I am in a completely new time zone and culture.

It has been several years since I have been to Prague but it is still as lovely as ever. I attended the Google Apps for Education European Summit and it was overall a very good conference. My to-do list for school is about a mile long, so it will be nice to have next week off (thank you Bayram) to go through all of this learning. I also met a couple of very nice people, including one from bella Roma, and I hope to keep in contact.

The only shadow on this whole weekend is my partially torn ligament. Although this injury is a blessing, I am ready to walk, walk, and walk some more.  Some family is visiting and unfortunately I will be sidelined for most of the week.

Mini Travel Tips

Ladies, this first tip applies to you more, but gentlemen, you are welcome to continue reading.

1) When I get back from a trip, I always immediately ‘restock’ my carry on bag. These things include:

  • bobby pins and hair bands (for ponytails)
  • feminine products

  • lip balm

  • nail file

  • hand size lotion (usually from the last hotel I stayed at)

I pack these into the little pockets of my suitcase or travel bag and the great thing of it is, since I do it right away, I forget I have these extras which has come in handy so, so many times.

2) If you have a long layover or wait, try the airport lounge. Pay the small fee and once in, everything is free, including the internet! For me, it’s worth every euro. No more sitting on the floor, fighting for one charge station while the dude next to me needs a shower. Seriously, treat yourself. You are worth it.

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  1. Always appreciate the travel tips! They are so handy. Thank you!

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