My ankle is finally, finally almost healed. A torn ligament is not a quick fix! Last week was the first week that my ankle felt normal… it’s been weeks and weeks! Slowly, I am getting my walks back in.

I love walking. It gives me peace of mind and time to think. I walked home from Turkish class last week and this morning, I went for a beautiful walk around Istanbul. Early Sunday mornings are a great time to see Istanbul because there are no crowds and fewer cars barreling around. Plus, we are having remarkably good weather so it is absolutely lovely. I even stopped and had a coffee just to enjoy the sun and peace of the morning. I do love this city.

Next, high heels. A girl needs to have some goals!


  1. Susan Wachowiak

    Glad your life is getting back to normal. Yeah Claire!!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE these photos!! Am so glad you are out and about with minimal discomfort. Amazing how a torn ligament can derail a person. Look out world, she’s baaaack! Love you!!

  3. Jude Pidgeon

    Glad to hear your ankle is almost healed. See you in a few weeks.

  4. So glad your ankle is better. Enjoy those walks!

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