Claire’s Turkish Apartment

Things are going well in Istanbul. There was a 3.8 earthquake last week-it was a little freaky because it was at school which was also the epicenter. The funny part was, it was the first earthquake for some of my students. Being from California, I have already felt my fair share. I am a bit of a plate tectonics snob if you catch my meaning!

So the other night, we had an Apartment Crawl. I had the idea when all of the new teachers kept talking about having everyone over to see their new places. Basically, we visited five apartments only spending about 45 minutes in each… it was a big hit! Below is a quick video of my apartment. My shipment finally arrived last Wednesday. It’s night here, so some rooms are a tad dark but you will get the overall vibe.



  1. Susan Wachowiak

    Your apartment reflects you beautifully. It is very comforting to think of you in this spacious and inviting place. Way to go, Claire.

  2. Very nice Claire! Not at all what I expected..more modern to be sure! A nice comfortable space!

  3. Jude Pidgeon

    Loved the apartment – tres chic – just like you!

  4. You might want to get that spare bedroom straightened up, if you catch my meaning. Otherwise, extremely Euro-cool.

  5. Terri Martinson

    Loved seeing your apartment, Claire! So spacious and beautiful and I agree with your mom that it feels good to know you are in an inviting place! Very nice!

  6. Debi Mauricio

    I love your place. You have great taste, and I really like how you’ve collected pieces from your travels that go so well together.

  7. Stephanie Zuniga

    Ms. W! Wow, you have a great space. I love your furniture, and pieces of art. I must comment on your amazing shower, it’s so cool that it plays music, that’s definitely a must. HAHA. Well I miss you! I’m glad I got to see you at the dentist before you left for Istanbul. Like always, your photographs are amazing 🙂 well I hope to see you really soon. Hope you are having a great time!

    1. Stephanie! Thank you so much. Yes the shower is very cool. That was so weird that we ran into each other! How lucky really. Alright, I am off to explore Rome!! Thank you again!

  8. Pinar Demirkan

    I love it Claire 🙂 You made a BIG change in the apartment. I really love it.
    Enjoy it 🙂

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