Interesting Fact

For the past week, I have been battling a flu bug that seems to really, really like me. You know the kind of sick that just lingers, like a bad party guest? That’s been my life for about six days. However, things finally seem to be turning around.

In between long, long naps and early, early nights, I was invited to attend a professional networking group called the LTENS. Basically, it is where private and international schools in Turkey get together and discuss technology in education. This was a big deal for me.

Interesting fact about Istanbul… it’s awesome. I was walking home last night, taking my short cuts to avoid the crushing crowds of İstiklal Caddesi and I realized that this city inspires me like no other place has. The only way I can really describe it is to put it in terms of technology. I feel updated or a revised version of myself… like an app! Someone added this and that feature and now, it runs so much better.

When I was first invited to the LTENS, I was very excited and proposed a couple of ideas for ‘discussions’ (presenting an idea and then throwing it out to the crowd for well, discussion). What I didn’t realize is that when you propose something, you lead it. So there I was, the newbie, showing my Prezis about digital citizenship and the importance of developing personal learning networks to this group of educators that included headmasters, IT people, teachers, and librarians.  Out of four discussions, I lead two as well as this great video I found regarding the state of technology and education being showcased. I felt amazing.

I thought about it and the fact is this city is soul stirring for me. There is so much to do, so many things to see, so many cafes to try out, galleries to visit, museums to get lost in, people to meet….  just exploring Istanbul could be a full time job. A year ago, leading a discussion would have caused me major anxiety. With Istanbul in my heart, it was a piece of chocolate cake.

Below is a small video with the call to prayer – so you can get a sense of it. Enjoy!


  1. Cool. Love that you mentioned LTEN twice in this. Glad that you had a good time and led two discussions!!

    1. Thank Tom! I had a great time… thanks for inviting me!

  2. Christy Herrmann

    Claire, Sounds like you’ve gotten your “mojo” back. Love the tone of recent posts. Keep ’em coming. Christy

  3. Debi Mauricio

    I’m glad you are using your smarts to lead fellow teachers. I would imagine you’d be great at that, and wish I could have been there. Love the topic! So, so, so glad you feel at home in Turkey and are enjoying every minute. Thank you for your posts, I look forward to them.

  4. Susan Wachowiak

    Glad you found out what most of us have known all along. You are awesome!!!!!!!

  5. Hey Claire,

    Look’s like you’ve found your heaven on earth. Both mom and I are so pleased with your happiness and success. It sounds like you have fallen in love with life itself. You’ve worked hard for it, and you’ve earned it, so revel in it. You go girl!



  6. Terri Martinson

    I really, really agree with Christy, Debi, Susan, and Dad!! You go, girl!

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