Such a Local

Moving to a new country has its ups and downs. Even with all of the events and activities the school plans, it can be difficult. I really miss my family and friends. Making true friends takes time and effort. Although all of the people I work with and have met so far are really nice, right now, it just feels like a lot of small talk and polite conversations. All of that is great, but I just miss hanging out with people I know and who know me. So when I woke up this morning, I planned on just running some  errands and coming back to clean up my apartment. Nothing too adventurous.

However, as I was eating breakfast, one of the new teachers called me to find this market that everyone has been talking about. I thought to myself, why not? So we met at this cafe and headed out. Then a funny thing happened  that made us both smile. Someone asked us for directions and we were able to show him the way. I gotta admit, it felt good. After that, we found the large outdoor market with delicious fruits and vegetables. The basil smelled amazing and the prices were crazy cheap. I almost felt bad paying about 50 cents for some potatoes, but who am I to argue? All and all, it was a good day today.

The photos below are from my photo trip yesterday. I swear that every inch of this place is a photo opportunity. Amazing.

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  1. How fun that you were able to give directions, you local, you :). The market sounds like a little bit of heaven – fresh anything is good. I hope it’s not too far from your place so you can go often. Photos are great. I really like the iron work; beautiful. I have a thing for wrought iron, what can I say. I miss you, too. I think of you every day and always wonder what you’re up to, and wish you a great day and good eye candy :)! Lates, Kate

    1. glad you like the photos – the market is relatively close – just seems far on a hot day! Love you Kate!

  2. Christy Herrmann

    I love that the stories will resume now, different background but same interesting main character. Thanks for writing and I look forward to this new flavor of adventure. Christy

    1. Hey thanks!!! I am looking forward to a new flavor as well – fingers crossed!!!

  3. Susan Wachowiak

    Looks like you are “settling in” quite nicely — giving directions already, whoa!!!! The city sounds and looks amazing. So many beautiful and interesting things to see and do. Love the pictures, makes me feel as if I am there with you.

  4. Awesome! Sounds like Istanbul beats PRC hands down.

  5. Jude Pidgeon

    Lots of graffiti in Istanbul! Glad you are an old hand already giving directions. I think you are fitting in already.

  6. Jude Pidgeon

    I forgot to ask, is that the Galata Bridge?

  7. Stephanie Zuniga

    Ms. W!!! I miss you. It was really good seeing you at the dentist (random place hahaha!) anyway, I hope you are having a good experience in Istanbul 🙂

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