La Ciudad de Los Gatos

Currently, there are five… wait, make that six Turkish men in my apartment and it’s a Friday night.  Wouldn’t the women in the headscarves be scandalized!?! Did I mention that? Some, not all, of the ladies that wear the headscarves actually look down on Western women. These particular ladies think all Westerners have loose moral values.  All of us. Whatevs. Since I have been here, I have received several of these looks or treated like I wasn’t there, particularly if they are in groups, as well as being cut in line… of course they have priority.

Well, the men in my apartment are here to install my new alarm system and put in my cable TV. There is also an electrician. Seriously wish I spoke Turkish at this moment.

And as far as the looks, I will just keep on keeping on. I know who I am and recognize that this group of women does not represent all of the women here in Istanbul. Most of the people I have encountered here have been more than kind and helpful. I mean, each and every country has it’s own weirdness so I will just focus on how nice most people are. And to be honest, not everyone is going to like me for whatever reason so why worry?

As a quick side note, the other morning I helped a woman with a headscarf carry a very heavy bag up the hill as she carried her baby. I made sure she knew I was an American woman. I know to pick my battles and it is not every woman in a scarf that thinks poorly of me, but I thought it was an important point.

Below are some photos of my neighborhood. It is so charming! Also, there is a huge stray cat population here in this city. I think I might rename Istanbul to La Ciudad de Los Gatos. True Story.

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  1. Woohoo – go Claire! You’re right to keep on keepin on. Love your neighborhood – very ‘normal’ looking and maybe you’ll soon want a pet cat? :). Love you, mean it.

  2. Susan Wachowiak

    I guess they don’t eat cats in Istanbul!!!! Know what I mean?

  3. Jude Pidgeon

    Remember you are exotic in Instanbul! So, of course, you are going to get looks of various kinds. But Istanbul has been layered with many different cultures so “the veiled ladies” need to remember their history. The neighborhood looks very nice. Don’t get a cat.

  4. Hey, Claire. With the graffiti it looks like home in west Chula Vista. Is the graffiti art? A purpose? Vandalism? Similar to here?

  5. turkischland

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