Sequined Skirts and Chinese Lessons

So I started up my Chinese lessons again. I feel that if I don’t do this, I am really wasting a good opportunity. Plus, I feel much more a part of China when I can speak the language. I was feeling all good about myself after my first session back, so I head down to Old Shekou to pick up some things… I go to the frame shop and in English the lady tells me, “Two day.” And with all the confidence in the world I say back to her, ‘Xing qi wu ma?’ which essentially means Friday, yes? and then she replies, ‘blah, san, blah she, blah, blah…’ I freeze. Confidence vanished. Dang it. I guess I do have to study after all.

On a lighter note, I just picked up my new clothes from the tailor. I had downloaded several pictures of some dresses from Anthropologie with prices ranging from $250 to $295 and had them samed samed for about $20 US each. And for the record, every girl should have a gold, sequined short skirt. Everything I had made looks great… I am getting this tailor stuff down. And dang it, I look good!

Sometimes, China is alright.

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  1. your loving father


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