Baby Claire Throws a Dinner Party

My parents know how to throw a party. Anyone who is invited to my parent’s for any type of fiesta, understands that they are in for a treat. Their house is very warm and welcoming and the food… well the food is always fantastic and even a bit unexpected at times. Plus, any type of dessert is ridiculously heavenly. So like any offspring of an artist, I have learned from the greats.

If you read this blog on a consistent basis, you may have noticed that I complain a bit about the social scene around here – so yes, Baby Claire decided to put on her big girl pants and do something about it. Dinner party!

The folks I invited are people I consider good friends. They are the people that I want to stay in touch with, like, forever. I am so happy they are in my lives. They inspire me to be a better person.

The thing you also need to know about my parents and their parties is that they cook all of the food. Yes, my sisters help but it’s all Susan and Dan. For instance, my parents threw an Oktoberfest party this weekend. Seventy people were invited. Seventy. Food and drinks for seventy people… the storage for the plates and glasses alone is amazing. So my dinner party of seven with food being delivered is like the kitty pool compared an Olympic size pool, really. With that said, Baby Claire’s party was a success and now I feel confident for many more.

Plus, I bought some folk art and had it framed – I just picked it up today, my friend Jen found the Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War for 15RMB, we finally found the cool pottery place we had been looking for, got a mani/pedi, and I have leftover Indian food in my fridge. Life is good.


  1. Kate Freeman

    Claire! Your place looks awesome! I wish I could’ve been there – and I wish I could share your Indian leftovers 🙂 Sooooooooooooooooo glad all went well and it was awesome talking with you on Skype. Love ya!

    1. And this is just the “blue room”, you should see the rest of the place! It is awesome. And try to entertain 2 American, 1 Canadian and 2 French at the same time… As difficult as having 70 guests I would say.

      Thanks Claire.

  2. love that blue!

    love that blue!

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