Alleyways and Inspiration

I stayed over in Hong Kong last night. My friend had a conference so it was a free hotel room for Claire!  I hadn’t been back to the Konger since before summer break but I have to tell you, it’s like riding a bike.  I had no problems finding my way around the city and even pushed my way out of crowded metro cars several times.  I was all over it.  I even found some 120 film to go with my vintage camera – yeah me! Walking around the alleyways of Central is a great way to see Hong Kong… away from the Taco Locos and Organic Hamburger restaurants.

As a quick side, the Sundaram Tagore Gallery is showcasing a photographer named Robert Polidori.  Beautiful and inspiring… worth a look…

All photos and videos were taken on my iPhone and edited on my Mac using Apeture and iMovie.  RIP Steve Jobs – thanks for rethinking technology and the fantastic gadgets. 

Enjoy the photos and videos!

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