Winter is Here

Today was a beautiful day in Shekou. My friend and I had lunch outside and the sun on my face felt phenomenal.  The air has been terribly polluted lately.  Try to imagine about 1,000 buses with smoke pouring out of exhaust driving in circles around your neighborhood all day – bingo, you are in Shekou.  Well, we had some rain, clearing out the smog and on top of that, the temperature has just dropped.  It’s surprisingly cold, but great to wear winter clothes!  It’s a wonderful way to start winter break.

I’ve now been here for about six months and things are starting to feel like home.  I am getting settled and comfortable finding my way around and I am meeting some really good people.  The international aspect of living here is really interesting.  It’s been a bit stirring meeting people from all of these different places with their various viewpoints and perspectives.  On Monday, I am heading out to photograph some ruins with some new friends – one is from Scotland and the other is Chinese.  It’s nothing revolutionary, just adds a bit of spice to things.  I like it.



  1. Jim Monahan

    Sounds like you are really settling in. I enjoy reading your comments. Thank you.

  2. Terri Syk

    Missed you today as we were cleaning up for the break. I loved hearing your “whoooos”
    think of you often. Can’t wait to see more pictures. I wanted to get something off to you but
    I’ve not done any shopping at all so for now Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
    Terri S.

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