Taking Chances in Hong Kong

People assume that I know a lot about cameras.  It’s a reasonable assumption as I have a website dedicated to my photos and I love to take pictures.  However, there have been many times when I haven’t been able to get the photo I wanted because I don’t know how to work my camera.  And now I have a fantastic camera with a great lens and I thought, it’s time to face a long-standing fear – the mechanics of a camera.

Look. Numbers, mechanics, logic… not strengths. I have learned to work around and even become more logical, mechanical, and I certainly have a greater appreciation for math.  However, I have to work at it and taking a class that deals with the mechanics of a camera… highly intimidating.  But here I am, on this great adventure, it’s time to face this insecurity head on. So I signed up for a photography class in Hong Kong.

When I first walked into the studio, it was after about 3 hours of travel – taxi, customs, a ferry ride, customs, a subway ride, and another taxi ride – I was a bit out of sorts.  At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of this instructor as he handed out an old booklet based on film photography. I thought to myself, I’m paying for this? But one thing I am learning from this living abroad experience is to go with the flow – more by situation and not by choice, but that’s a side note.

Besides the book, the instructor was a tad low-key.  By that, I mean he just didn’t say much and again, I thought, what am I doing here?  But that turned out to be the beauty of it.  As we plodded along through each concept and/or technique, we discussed and practiced it.  We actually owned the learning as he wasn’t really telling us, but letting us discover it.  He was incredibly patient with everyone and answered everyone’s questions thoughtfully.  I feel much more comfortable today adjusting shutter speed and aperture then I did yesterday. Quite frankly, it was always confusing to me but now I feel as if I understand it much better. I am willing to take more chances with the other dials on my camera.  This is such a blessing.

Now, will I ever be in National Geographic?  Maybe, maybe not.  But the thing is, it was fun and I felt good about myself for giving it a try.

As a quick side, thanks to everyone for the thoughtful comments from my last blog.  Sometimes, it’s just rough and there is no getting around it.  Your kind words and support helped so much, so thank you.

Have I mentioned how much I like Hong Kong?  It is an amazing city.  Enjoy the photos below!

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  1. I think these are my favorite pictures yet! Have a great week!

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