Mode, Très Bonne

I spent last Saturday dedicated to fashion.  Yes, me and fashion.  We held hands, whispered in each other’s ears, and just giggled all day.  The thing is, we hadn’t seen each other in a while. You see, we used to be much closer, but then I bought a place.  And well, fashion turned into a new garbage disposal for the sink, HOA fees and so, you get the point.  We grew apart.

Now, within this blog, I may have mentioned several thousand times how things just aren’t convenient here.  For instance, I really want a bulletin board to hang things on.  Simple, right?  No.

There isn’t any place local that sells these, so I need to hire a taxi driver (about $30US for a two-way lift), drive to Ikea (30 minutes if the traffic is good), locate the bulletin boards and purchase them, (let’s hope it’s not too crowded and people don’t take things out of my cart – true story), call my landlord to hire a worker, set up a day for the worker to come, be here when the worker arrives, and finally, have the worker hang the bulletin board.  See what I mean?

Well, when I told people I was moving to China, everyone was telling me how easy it was to get things made.  They made it seem like I could walk into any tailor and walk out with a new wardrobe for $5US.  Not so much.  It’s a bit like getting the bulletin board.  You really have to want it.

Since break is here, I figured it would be a perfect time to get reacquainted with fashion.  I found several designs I wanted to have made, two coats in particular, and so several of us piled into a taxi and ventured to a district called Dongmen.  Upon entering the building that housed the miles and miles of fabric, our senses were assaulted by someone cooking the world’s stinkiest fish.  We were then pushed (literally), stared out, ignored, accosted by several homeless people, and one gentleman actually belched thisclose to my ear.  Now, I know this wasn’t intentional but I thought to myself… does fashion appreciate all that I am doing for us?

Once we purchased the fabric we needed for our new clothes, we piled back into the taxi, avoiding several near misses, and headed to the tailor.  Did I mention we stopped for a margarita?  A well-deserved margarita I might add.

This tailor in Old Shekou is the one that all of the Westerners go to because she actually speaks some English – a blessing when having things made.  It took about a half an hour to get through all of my designs, drawings, and pictures.  I have to say, I feel so smart because I am having them sew an inside pocket into my coats for my iPhone… wish you would have thought of that… right?!

The thing is, when all is said and done, I got two new skirts, three new tops, two new coats, and one dress for New Years for about $200US.  This is a great price for the coats alone.  Was it a bargain and worth the hassle?  Well, we shall see how everything fits.  But for now, fashion and I are back on track. You’ll have to excuse me though.  We are buttering some popcorn and watching a Twilight marathon.  Ah, fashion, I missed you!


  1. Claire, this gave me a big dose of just what I needed: chuckling together with YOU! What a great descriptive piece of writing and what fun! (Well, not the belching in the ear thisclose! hee hee) Hope your holidays are really wonderful and fashionable! For sure you are having an experience like no other! Love you and miss you, Terri

  2. Will we get to see pictures of these wonderful new clothes items? I hope so!

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