The Big Gamble

For me, finding a good tailor is the same as finding a good hair stylist. It isn’t easy and it usually is not a bargain. However, if you find the right one then it’s worth every penny.

outside the tailor’s shop

I discovered a tailor here in Satwa, Coventry Tailoring.  Without having anything made by this shop before, I left it all by the sewing machine and hoped for the best.  I had ten pieces made. Some were ‘same, sames’ (just a copy of something I already own) but the rest were from photos and a bit of my imagination.  For me, this is like putting it all on red… big gamble. But it paid off!

The shop came highly recommended from online forums and from some people at work. His prices were reasonable and the owner is very easy to chat with; which put my fashion mind at ease.

Some of the material I’ve had for months. I have found that with textiles, I sometimes like to let the fabric and pattern sit in my brain for a bit and then one day, I know exactly what to have made.

The pieces below are not everything I had made, but you will get the idea. The pants I had copied based on a Stella McCartney design. I changed up the fabrics a bit and colors; they are incredibly comfortable but as you will see, very stylish!

Do yourself a favor… find a good tailor and get something made. It’s like Christmas morning for adults!


  1. Susan Wachowiak

    Ah, my “fashionista” daughter!!!!!! Love the designs, the styles, the colors! Especially love the designer!!!!!!

  2. Debi Mauricio

    Beautiful! My fave is the big floral. So glad you found someone reputable!

  3. Stephanie Zuniga

    Beautiful!! They all look great!

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