Possible Award Winner!!!

As far as I am concerned, I already won! A bit of background.

Every year, the San Diego Fair has a photography contest. From my understanding many photographers from all over the world participate in this somewhat prestigious event. If I am in town in the summer, I am at the Fair. And the one thing I want to do at the Fair (besides eat chocolate covered bacon) is to go to the photography exhibition and see all of the images. I entered some photos many years ago and didn’t make it beyond the first round. But always in my heart, I wanted to try again.

When I was making a list of things I wanted to accomplish (so Type A), I listed ‘enter Morocco photos into the SD Fair’. So I did! I entered six photos (one SLR and five cell phone images).

Three of my cell phone images were picked to move onto the second round of judging!!!

After seeing the emails from the Fair about moving onto the second round, I was elated. It’s a little silly, but it felt so good. There is no guarantee that my photos will even be up on the walls or win a prize, but it is so fun just to think I have a chance! Over 4,000 photos were submitted and three of mine were chosen.

So next time I see you, please no autographs. This possible award winner, not even sure if my images will make it into the final exhibition, is feeling pretty good about being in the second round!


  1. Christy Herrmann

    Love the whole “setting goals and achieving them down the road”. Congratulations,Claire. Are you sure I can’t get your autograph?

  2. […] I didn’t win the top prize but I did get an Honorable Mention in the 2017 San Diego County Fair Photography […]

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