I find myself talking about Istanbul lately. When I first visited the city on the Bosphorus, I knew within the first millisecond that it was the place I wanted to live.  In my head I know I made the right decision to leave, my heart knows it too. But for four years, that was my home where both my head and heart were smiling.

In Dubai, I still feel too new to make a decision one way or another. There are many elements that I truly enjoy. For instance, everything is incredibly convenient here. Incredibly. Also, there is a TON to do. A TON. Next week, there is an (unexpectedly extended) holiday from work so I am looking forward to exploring this city as a proper tourist (with some naps thrown in of course).

But this city also makes it too easy to spend money. And it’s hot here right now. It’s not even the hot months and the sun is unrelenting at times. At times when I go outside, it is so humid that it feels as if I am swallowing the air. Me no likey.

However, I am here and I am determined to make the most of it. This sparkling city brims with potential and opportunity. And Claire 3.0 is kicking off into high gear.

Slowly, I have been looking for ways to improve myself and get out and meet people. For example, I took a beginning course for Ashtanga yoga the other night (the instructor was relentless and I wondered why she hated me so much… it was brutal). Next is a ceramics class and tonight is a new hair cut.

But here is the thing. In this new city, I can reinvent myself and on some levels I desperately want to be these girls:

However, I have never been cool. I have always been this girl:

I may never be the cool girl, but Claire 3.0 is underway and there is no stopping her. Well, maybe a nap but you catch my drift.


  1. Christy Herrmann

    Claire 3.0, you make me grin. Go gettum kiddo.

  2. Susan Wachowiak

    Love the 3.0 Claire better than any other “cool chick”! Claire 3.0 is smart, creative, generous and fun! What a combo!!!!!! And VERY “cool”! Just sayin’!

  3. Katherine Freeman

    The Claire 3.0 BEE is THE coolest girl I know! AND you make me laugh like no other, which I love :). I’m glad you’re embracing the changes and jumping right in to the madness. You’ve got the right approach for sure. I am so looking forward to hearing about the ceramics class and everything else you’re up to in Dubai – I wish I were there with you! LOVE you!

  4. Jude Pidgeon

    Claire, what do you mean by cool? (We are parsing here). The girls in the pictures are lovely but not necessarily cool. Cool to me is being unique, creative, curious and lovely. You got it all. Love you.

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