Dubai is glamorous. I am just going to start with this.

Last week, I attended an opening of a photo exhibition which turned out to be several exhibition openings. The art was great but the people watching was so much better! Let’s just say there is no shortage of plastic surgeons in Dubai (#nojudgement). Again, some of the women look so glamorous but it just seems like a full time job to look that put together. #cannotallbeaschicasme. But I digress.

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I also took a weekend ceramics workshop. I know, do we really need another homemade clay bowl in the world? But to that I answer yes! Ceramics taps into another part of my brain that helps me focus and calms my mind. However by the end of the day, my jeans were covered in clay and dirt while the other ladies stayed clean and clay-free. Not kidding. I even had clay in my hair!

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Additionally, I have been taking some Pilates courses which brings me back to the glamorous part. When I work out, I usually wear a t-shirt and my workout leggings. I mean, they are clean and in good form but it’s a bonus if they match! Not the case with my fellow Pilates ladies. Some of the women are in full hair and makeup. It’s exercise. Full hair, full makeup. And they leave looking just as put together as when the class started. Me? I am lucky if the pins are still in my hair. I am not a total disaster but geez, not ready for dinner and drinks.

Women in my Pilates class


Me at Pilates class...
Me at Pilates class…





Can this be intimidating? Definitely. But this level of glitz is quite fascinating. Dubai is glamorous and it really is a whole new world for me. Looking forward to some more glittery sights in the near future!


  1. Susan Wachowiak

    Go get ’em Claire!!!!!

  2. Show’em your legs!

  3. Geesh! I’d be working out in my own living room! LOL Give u kudos for being yourself and staying the course. plus ur “real”. U sure these women are not androids or something? 🙂

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