Money Grab

Traveling is work. Schlepping your bags is just one part of the job and for anyone who has travelled; I know you agree with me. Yes, traveling is fun and inspiring with memories that last a lifetime, but the effort that goes into making those memories is sometimes questionable.

When we arrived in Paris, we were all a little worse for the wear. Traveling hadn’t gotten the best of us, but it was starting to wear thin. So when everyone started to get sick and the days were filled with fewer sights to see, I was a little relived. Plus it was nice to hang out and not worry about the time for the next train.

If memory serves, this was my fourth trip to Paris. And like traveling too much, I wasn’t feeling it so much this time. Maybe it was the heat or the large, shoving crowds, but Paris wasn’t doing it for me. The one issue that pushed it over the edge for me was the prices.

As a tourist, I understand that I am going to pay higher prices, but 4 euro for a coke? 22 euro for a mediocre salad? Come on France. Give me a break. That’s about $35 for what should cost $12 at the most. The last time I visited Versailles, roaming around the gardens came with the price of admission. This time, they were charging an extra 7.50 euro ($10 each; another $30 for the three of us). Plus, the fountains weren’t even on. One day, I treated my dad and myself to a coffee (small cup, half coffee, half cream). 7 euro each. That’s about $19 for two (small) drinks. The Eiffel Tower at night is lovely, but I live in Istanbul and I have been to Hong Kong, Tokyo, London… You are going to have to do a little better than that to justify $19 for two coffees.

So Paris, to you I say adieu. Thanks for the memories!


  1. I can see who’s paying for all that socialism!

  2. Kate freeman

    I’m happy just looking at pictures. Socialism, greed, and no decency at its best.

  3. Susan Wachowiak

    Makes me REALLY appreciate what I have — I know, I know, an “ugly American”, but what else can I say?

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