Très Magnifique

The next time I visit France, it will be difficult to top this trip. Sleeping in a chateau in the Bourgogne region that Edith Wharton and Julia Childs stayed in (not at the same time though…). Actually, Edith Wharton saved this particular chateau from ruin but that is another story.

J’aime la France. In this particular region, every blink of the eye was a photograph. Each field was a Van Gogh where vivid fields of gold contrasted a blue, blue sky. Forests with sunlit green leaves floated above us while bales of hay lined the fields. Vineyards sprawled out onto the horizon as purple, yellow, orange, white, and red wildflowers brought bursts of color. Each village was filled with charming farmhouses where pink and yellow roses climbed the tan walls. Breathtaking.

There is no way in this world that my photographs could capture the elegance of this ‘charmant’ spot on Earth. I only hope that the photos give you a hint of the true charm that surrounded me. Très magnifique.


  1. Julie H

    Vive la France! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. The pictures are magnificent.

  2. Susan Wachowiak

    Great photos, Claire. Loved traveling with you.

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