Chocolate Cake and Travel Tips

Have you ever just had a piece of delicious chocolate cake and all you want to do is share it with the people you love? You can’t help but close your eyes because it just tastes so good? That’s Istanbul to me. I want everyone I know and love to experience this lovely city.

As a result, I am going to offer some travel tips that a friend and I developed last year to help you along the way:

  • Always bring a bottle of water on the plane
  • Bring a couple of snacks… you never know what is being served or when
  • A bit of chocolate is a must
  • Have a central, safe location for all of your paperwork and documents – digging around is a no-no
  • Hand sanitizer, tissues, lip balm, and face lotion… priceless
  • Hoodies and sweats… no. Not allowed.  For women, invest in a good pair of yoga pants and a light sweater – preferably in a neutral color. For men, nice jeans and a light jacket as well.
  • Always carry a pen
  • Keep your headphones close by and your electronics charged (again, central location…) and have a place in your overhead dedicated for the chargers with the correct adapters – again, digging around is a no-no
  • Girls, bring a simple pashmina – stylish and warm
  • Keep carry-on items to a minimum
  • Just understand it’s going to be uncomfortable at times and stressful. On the bright side, I will pick you up at the airport!

Hope these tips help and inspire wherever your travels take you.


  1. Susan Wachowiak

    I think that I am “ready to roll.” Can’t wait to try out your travel tips. Better watch out, you may get more visitors than you can handle! But totally happy you love Istanbul!

  2. Hey, Claire! I’m so glad you love it there! Boy, you have awakened the travel bug in me – it has been dormant for so long, I wondered if it would ever bite me again :). Thanks for the travel tips, too. Love ya, mean it.

  3. I’ll test out your travel tips in a few weeks on our trip to New Orleans and Caribbean cruise.

  4. I just looked at this list again. We leave for New Orleans and the Caribbean tomorrow 🙂 I added chocolate and a pashmina to my list of things to pack. Hope you are doing well, sounds like you are in a way better place. Enjoy!

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