The Sky is Falling!

School is Closed Due to Typhoon. These words were music to my ears this morning at 7:15am.

Two of my friends and I have a driver that picks us up every morning at 6:50am to take us to work.  One of those friends and I usually meet at a coffee house beforehand and right as I got there this morning, she informed me that a big bucket full of dirt (we think) had fallen from the one of the apartments above – the wind was blowing that hard.  So when I got home early after shopping for some typhoon supplies, I wasn’t too surprised when a light bulb fell about one foot away from my head as I entered my apartment complex.  I know I have been in China too long because I did not flinch.  In fact, I just sighed and walked around the broken glass.

As I look out my window at the setting sun, I can see white caps on a usually calm sea.  Apparently, the wind and rain are supposed to pick up significantly tonight and I am a tad nervous.  My unobstructed view of the South Sea means there is nothing in front of me to stop a serious gale up here on the 14th floor.  However, big winds means no school tomorrow… so I am torn.  I mean, we have a five-day weekend coming up… it would be great to make it seven.

As a quick update, the Mad Men party was postponed until January, which was for the best.  There was just too much going on, so I am planning a small for dinner party for some friends.  I just want them to show up and enjoy some good food and hospitality.  It’s funny to think that my family and friends in San Diego will probably never meet these people who mean so much to me here.  Strange life sometimes.

Gotta run and batten down the hatches. Things could get interesting around here!

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  1. Kate Freeman

    Right on, Claire! Hope it didn’t get too crazy for you and that you and your apartment are all right 🙂

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