Chinese Apartment

As you can probably tell, I am loving video right now.  It’s such a nice way to show people what it’s like.  Photography is still my favorite, but video is a whole new world for me at the moment.  Anyway, I took a quick video of my apartment as I feel like it’s finally ‘done’ in the sense that I am not planning on adding much more.  For a limited budget in a foreign city, I think it looks good!

I hope you enjoy a look into my China home.  Enjoy!


  1. Jim Monahan

    Thanks for the tour. It looks lovely. What a neat adventure.
    Many Blessings!

  2. Kate Freeman

    Hey, Claire! Thanks for a peek at your living quarters. You did an excellent job of redecorating and making your place very hip and chic. And it was soooo nice to hear your voice! Love ya!

  3. Susan Wachowiak

    It’s looks very cool!!! I love the “creative room.” With the smaller room as the bedroom, it seems as if you have a much larger living space to roam around in. Good work Claire!!!!!!

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