A Half-Dressed Chinese Man

There are two Chinese men in my apartment and one is half-dressed… it’s not as scandalous as it sounds, unfortunately.  They are the workers I hired to paint my place.  And you probably thought things were just getting interesting for me over here!

I have been sticking close to home lately, just working and hanging out with friends.  It’s been an introspective time for me personally.  I am really looking forward to coming home this summer.  I literally can’t wait to hug my nephews and have my mom make me a sandwich.  I do love my mom.  Oh!  And head to Lolitas for some real Mexican food.  Mmmmmmm good.  I also really want to take a road trip.  I miss driving so much and being on the open road.

However, I am also already planning my next adventures when I get back to China.  I really want to see Beijing and The Great Wall.  A friend of mine is moving to India and seeing India is on my list of places to go. I also really want to take that motorcycle trip at some point.  I just have to prioritize at this point.

It’s funny because two friends from high school facebooked me. It’s been fun catching up with them.  I was actually skyping with one of them this morning and he essentially asked, is the life you are living now the one you thought you would be living at 18?  And I thought about it for a minute and the answer was yes.  I mean; there are a couple of areas that aren’t perfect and it isn’t exactly as planned, but for the most part, yeah, I can’t complain.  And what isn’t perfect, I can work on.

Now I have to check on the painters… hopefully, he put his shirt back on… wish me luck!



  1. Your blogs are always so much fun to read, Claire. I love keeping informed on what you are doing and feeling. Thanks for taking the time to write for all of us! We are planning a BIG teacher happy hour around my pool when you come back this summer and we all can’t wait to see you! Happy travels and teaching in the meantime!

  2. Robin Tobiasson

    Is half-dressed better than half naked?
    Hope the paint job makes you feel more at home.

  3. The countdown is on…. can’t wait for your visit to SD!!! Let’s Skype soon – miss you.

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