Bright Lights, Bad Massage

Super excited.  Going to Malaysia in like, 36 hours…  so of course, I have to get my hair done.  Well, it turns out there is a woman in Shekou that does western hair.  I went to her tonight and I am loving the do!  At this salon, it costs extra to get it styled, but I paid because it’s worth it.  In case you didn’t know, my hair takes about 162 hours to blow dry.  I am not really kidding.  It’s pretty thick and if I want it to look effortless, I put in a lot of effort.  Some days I feel like it, some days I don’t.  That is why God invented hair rubber bands; so when I don’t feel like it.  Yep, right after fire came the bands.  You can look it up.

So about the 44th hour into to this blow-dry she mentions this great place to get a massage.  I think to myself, I could use one.  I have been working non-stop, including going to my trainer, and dang it, I need it.  I head over to this place and it’s pretty Chinese.  By this I mean, it’s not western – at all.  Still, I am hoping for the best as I rub my neck.  Oh. The other thing about me that you may not know is that I get killer migraines.  I have lost days out of my life because of these awful beasts and besides pharmaceuticals, massages help.

In this particular establishment, no one speaks English. This is a challenge but I persevere and find out that for an hour massage, it will cost about $12US.  What a deal right?  Not so much.

I have had massages in the States before and it’s a very relaxing affair.  There is a locker to put your things in, a private room to change into a soft, comfortable robe, incense burning; it’s kinda dark.  Not a scary dark, but a relaxing, I could nap dark with tranquil Yanni-like-Enya music in the background.  If people speak, it’s to ask if you want some sort of cool refreshment like lavender water.  You know, calm.

Okay, now picture a very, very bright room with two Chinese ladies waiting and watching for you to get undressed, speaking in Chinese, with only a tiny little towel to cover you.  While your getting this massage, imagine women coming in and out of the room sporadically, bad Titanic music on the speakers above you, your clothes lumped in a corner, hoping no one pilfers your wallet.

Was it relaxing?  No.  Did it get the kinks out?  Surprisingly yes.  Let’s just say though that I will stick with Excedrin next time.  Here I come Malaysia!



  1. have a great vacation claire…you deserve it!

  2. Debi Mauricio

    Spent time in Kuala Lumpur about 5 years ago. I’m very interested in your thoughts about Malaysia and how it compares to your experience so far with China. Loved the post about your massage, brought a big smile to my face.

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