Now What?

I recently downloaded Kanye West’s new single ‘Monster’.  Due to the content, I would never play this song at a family gathering or in my classroom.  However, as an adult, I do enjoy his music even though he is probably an egomaniac in real life. I digress.

The other day, I woke up from a fantastically restful nap and as I looked out of my window onto China’s South Sea, I thought to myself, now what?   I mean I worked so hard to get here.  I completely changed my life, uprooted myself, interrupted others’ lives and there I was, stretching out on my Chinese mattress feeling all good inside.

I imagine that it’s like any major event in someone’s life.  Getting married, starting a new family, getting the job you have always wanted… moving to a new country.  Once it happens, where does all that focus and energy go?  And quite frankly, what are you supposed to do once you arrive at this new place?

That old saying goes through my head, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  I have met some great people here, including LaRoy and Michelle. They are this great couple that have been married about three months. They remind me of my friends back home.  Funny, down to earth, and easy to hang out with.  So this Halloween party was a bit of a bust because many invites ended up going to Hong Kong to celebrate.  We ended up leaving a bit early and found that the most perfect evening walking weather was awaiting us.  It is finally cooling down outside and there we were, walking home in China, listening to Kanye on my iPhone, doing our fun little dance moves along the way.  It was familiar and brilliant. Did I mention that they were dressed up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  Oh yeah.  We owned that sidewalk.

When I think about it, the major change in many ways is irrelevant. Exchanging rings or getting the corner office isn’t really who we are.  These are important, no doubt and serve as milestones.  But in my mind, it’s what you do afterwards that is the true reality of who you are. What have I learned before that is helping me now and what am I learning about myself and the world that will get me to my next step in this winding journey of life?

I guess it’s the changes I make within myself and how I look at the world is really the only thing I have control over.  It’s not just making myself a better person, but how do I be a better anything? In my heart, I not only want to have the courage to make the decisions but to embrace the aftermath.

In the words of Kanye West, ‘I’m about to take it to another level,’ purple wig and all.

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  1. Robin Tobiasson

    No matter who you are, everywhere you go you take
    yourself with you.

    1. That’s exactly what i was trying to say!

  2. Well, you did it again, Miss Claire! Another brillian, funny, insightful, inspiring blog! Simply terrific! Thanks so much…and keep them coming! I feel close to you when I read them!

  3. Hi Claire,

    When I read your writing it makes me feel like your sitting next to me in my living room. It’s so good to hear what’s going on in your life. And yes you just keep going. So what is next? You will grow leaps and bounds. Keep writing. You are an amazing writer!

    Take Care and all my love,
    Terri S.

  4. Cindy Zaino

    Funny…2 minutes before I read this Gabri called me into his room to listen to Kanye’s new song! I agree with everyone above please keep writing. Hannah and I are enjoying your blogs tremendously! Enjoy your wonderful experiences.

    1. That’s funny! It’s a great song… how are things in CV? How is Hannah doing? Who is her teacher? Tell Gabri I said hello and I am assuming he is buying the radio version of ‘Monster’… (:

  5. did u really die your hair purple?
    from Franklin

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