After London…

Final project: Concept Board and Sample Board for my ‘Interior Design: The Essentials’ course through the KLC School of Design:

As an overall introduction to interior design, this course fit the bill. With Monday dedicated to the Concept Board, the Design Process, Lighting, the next four days were equally jam packed with information:

Tuesday: Developing a Scheme, Textiles and Trimmings, and Color and Texture

Each section was followed by a workshop or task. With Textiles and Trimmings, we worked in small groups to identify the (many) different types of fabrics – I didn’t do so hot on this one but great learning:






Wednesday: Planning a space and Scale Exercise, Measuring a Window, Project Planning/Concept, Introduction to Fictitious Client for Final Project (Concept Board and Sample Board)

As a side note, I spent a lot of time as a little girl building and designing homes for my barbies. #barbiesarecool. However math/number sense (measuring, scale, etc) was a massive obstacle for me. In fact, I am convinced at this point in my life I have some form of dyscalculia. This basically made math a living nightmare when I was in school. Although I have learned to manage this and understand math concepts so much better now, this day was particularly stressful. For one task, Adrienne our instructor, showed us how to measure a window and then we had to work with a partner and do our own measuring. It is much more intensive than is sounds!

Below are two floor plans (to scale with a lot of help) that I created for a fictitious client as well as the client brief:


Thursday: How to Assemble a Sample Board, Sample Board Techniques, Sourcing Fabrics and Furniture

This is much more time consuming than I would have ever thought possible! And this is also where the Concept Board comes in handy. Because there are so many choices, it is easy to get off track and think, ‘Oh, this is amazing!’ But if it doesn’t match the Concept Board, don’t use it ( a pretty hard and fast rule). In my small experience, I found this to be very true.

Friday: Inspirational Lecture, Finish Sample Boards

We had a guest speaker who had done some pretty amazing jobs with her degree in design from designing an electric car display to creating a massive hospitality tent for a car racing venue.

Once each of us finished our Sample Boards, each student discussed their Concept Board and how it correlated with their Sample Board. It was fascinating because each one is unique. When you look at the photos below, please keep in mind that we all used the same fictitious client brief (Concept board on the left or on top):

Overall, I found this experience highly rewarding. Throughout each day, Adrienne would give up helpful tips and tricks since she has been an interior designer for almost 20 years. And because everyone paid a fair amount to be there, each person was engaged and interested in learning about the subject.

For many reasons, I am so happy I took this course. Not only did I get to spend some time in London, I expanded my horizons and challenged myself. I made good on a goal and met some great people. Now I need to organize my notes and decide my next steps. Anyone need the services and small wisdom of a beginning interior designer? You can say you knew me when I was just starting out…



  1. Susan Wachowiak

    You definitely have the flair for the job! I just wonder if the “design” world is ready for you!!!!!

  2. Merik Manzano

    Hey Ms. Wachowiak! It’s been a long time (for me at least). You probably don’t remember me, but I was one of your 4th grade students the year you left the states to teach abroad (China? If I remember correctly). I’m going into my senior year as of this week and you popped into my head as I looked back and I decided to try to find your blog again… I’m so glad you still keep it updated! We all still remember you and the impromptu party we threw you when we heard you were leaving. You were always one of our favorite teachers and I hope you’ve enjoyed traveling the world and teaching all across. It’s amazing to think about how different our worlds have become now. While I probably won’t be following this blog religiously (hopefully to no offense :P) it was nice to see a familiar face living such an amazing life (from what I’ve seen). Hope you’re having fun and thanks for being such a great teacher, from all your kids across the world 🙂

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