An Open Letter to Men’s Soccer

Dear men’s soccer/futbol players,

I have been watching several of the games in both the UEFA Euro and the CUPA America tournaments recently and I played this beautiful game for many years. I am writing to remind you of a few insights that some of you may have forgotten.

As you are playing a fast paced game, you are going to get hurt. Crazy, right? However you will, so stop rolling around on the ground. Get up, dust yourself off, and play. You will get fouled (some intentional, some not). Get up, dust yourself off, and play. Calls might not go your way. Now that you understand this… when this does happen because it will, get up, dust yourself off and play.

This brings me to the referees. I have seen and experienced first hand some horrendous calls; both in my favor and not. Stop arguing, stop contesting, and play the game. You are not entitled to fair calls or special treatment. You are paid to play the game, so play. Grow up and quit complaining. Play.

Thank your lucky stars you are on that field, playing a sport that I, like so many around the world, love. Be thankful that you can call yourself a professional soccer player and for the love of the sport, play like one. You are role models so please play accordingly.

If you are unsure what this looks like, try watching US women’s soccer because those women play.




  1. Susan Wachowiak

    Right on, Claire! The whining does leave a “bad taste” in your mouth when you are watching the games. These players should act like sportsmen!

    1. Seriously! Such babies!!!

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