New Lens on Life

July, 2014. July was my last post! Overall, I just haven’t been traveling much and the name of the blog does limit the focus a bit! I did recently get back from California though and I must say it was a wonderful trip. I do have the best family and friends in the entire world. Drop the mic.

Speaking of focus, while I was in the Golden State, I bought new lens for my camera – 35mm. I wanted to challenge myself a bit and try to look at things a little differently. Plus, it was only about $200 – not so bad as far as lenses go and it’s very lightweight.

I am still goofing around with it but supposedly, this lens will give me great close up images as well as solid wide-angle shots. With the 35mm, I can also shoot in low light. The jury is still out but so far, so good. Additionally, it will force my hand in terms of portraits. I will actually have to interact with people and ask if I can take their photo, instead of ‘stealing’ one with my zoom lens.

Below are the photos I took while out on a snow day last week and a few from a walk around Karakoy – it’s the new, trendy spot in Istanbul. Lots of charm, street art, and coffee… heaven.

Enjoy the (35mm) photos!



  1. These pictures seem to be clearer as well, like going from regular def to high def. Is the new lens supposed to do that as well? I’m sorry we missed each other while you were here. Next time. I love hearing all about your life and work there, I have always felt that our conversation was really meaningful.

  2. Good to hear from you! Pics are terrific. I like the Taksim trolley/bus shot and the pomegranate and oranges shot the best. Glad you’re getting to experiment with the new lens and enjoying the snow! Love ya like family :).

  3. Hey Claire. Great shots with the new lens. A favorite (one of many) is “Blue Girl”, second row from the bottom-far right. Like me! Well done.

  4. Hey! These shots are nice. You’re going to have some fun with the new lens.

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