Street Art Istanbul

Recently, I downloaded an app called StreetArt Istanbul. From this app, I get a little bit of information about the street artists around Istanbul. For instance, I had no idea that some of the more well known street artists get commissions to do certain pieces. Also, this app gives the location of the art; not such good news because directions are incredibly difficult for me. However, as I was walking around Istakal in the rain this morning, I stumbled upon this great alley with a bunch of street art; mostly painted by an artist named Leo Lunatic. I felt like I discovered a hidden treasure box! I will post more photos later, but below are some of my favorites.

Also, although I am not out of school until the end of the month, my summer plans are in full effect, starting with my ceramics course (two classes under my belt)! Additionally, I just signed up for an intensive, one month Turkish course in July. Studying Turkish for a month in Istanbul, not so bad!




  1. Wow – a treasure trove of graffiti art for sure. Way to go, Claire! What an unexpected pleasure :).

  2. Jude Pidgeon

    Wow. I wonder what Leo the Lunatic looks like. He should do a self portrait.

  3. Susan Wachowiak

    Interesting that “street art” is sometimes commissioned. Joyce Gary’s main character in “The Horse’s Mouth” would have been in Nurvana! He was always looking for a great wall to paint.

  4. Susan Wachowiak

    Ooops! NIRVANA!!!! Sorry about that!

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