Tourist and Time

While reading a book about a graffiti artist, I started thinking about life and time. And well, my dream about a horrible, world ending, global nuclear war didn’t help. In the dream, I was watching my computer screen with the continents lighting up and I had just enough time to think… well, this is it. The dream ended  peacefully but it left me with a feeling of uncertainty, the type that only a scary dream can leave you with. Again, must stop reading The Economist before bedtime. Ugh, North Korea… just stop it already.

In this book about Banksy, the graffiti artist, I am learning about this entire sub-culture within street art. I am not even going to pretend to be so cool and hip as to ‘get it’ but it’s really fascinating. One recurring theme throughout the book is that when the pieces are created, it is with the understanding that they won’t last forever. The idea is just to get your work up on a wall, in a daring disregard for the law, but it is not meant to be permanent. Ironically and for several reasons, Banksy’s work is now considered ‘art’ and are preserved when possible and sold for a lot of money. Even the English government seems to have a seat on the Banksy train.

Now Istanbul is full of street art; it’s one of the aspects I really enjoy about this city. It’s ever changing with new artists and new ideas… it’s visually stimulating. Plus it’s a bit of a slap in the face to the art establishment, even as they embrace it.  And who doesn’t like a bit of rebellion every now and then?

But trying to preserve the works by Banksy got me thinking about life. I want certain parts of my life to stay the same. I want to think that the friends I have now will be the friends I have forever, but who knows? Also, I love my apartment here. However, because of rising rents in Cihangir, I am probably going to have to change apartments next year. I know I shouldn’t get too attached which is a bummer. But at the same time, I know eventually I will move for whatever reason, so why act like it’s permanent in the first place? I mean, I have lived in three countries in the past four years. So like a cool piece of street art that probably won’t be there in a month… enjoy it while it lasts!

It’s Spring Break for me and instead of heading out, I am staying in Istanbul. The weather is just about perfect and the crowds aren’t too bad. I just love this city and can’t wait to explore it this week! Enjoy the photos from Claire the Tourist!


  1. I love this post, Claire. Great thoughts, great photos. Thank you!

  2. Jude Pidgeon

    I read long ago that all my material possessions will belong to someone else at some point in time so you are right enjoy it while you have it. I feel I know Istanbul better because of your pictures. Have a great spring break.

  3. As always, beautiful Claire.

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