Time Thief

About 100 years ago, I was visiting a friend in Germany. After my bags were packed, goodbyes were said, hug given, I arrived at the airport only to find out that my plane didn’t leave until the next day. I got the dates wrong.

This weekend the reverse happened. I booked my flight for Pamukkale, Turkey for the wrong dates. When I called to try and rectify the situation, the difference in price was too great to justify for an overnight.

I swear I have some form of dyslexia because I find that when I look at numbers, many times, they move or transpose.  I am pretty sure it’s why I was terrified of math as a child. I have also done a bit of internet research and um, yeah. I think I just diagnosed myself!  However, over the years, I have adopted compensatory tricks and I manage it all pretty well.

When I realized I had booked the wrong dates for my overnight, I was sad (like drop your ice cream on the sidewalk sad) but not surprised. It is why I had a travel agent in Hong Kong. People thought it was crazy to pay extra, but it was worth it because I knew he would get it right.

As I was unpacking my bags at midnight, I realized that because I am supposed to be out of town, I am stealing time! No one knows I am home. I can do things that I am usually too busy or distracted to do! Today was the first day that I sat down at a coffee house by myself and just wrote. At times, I am so busy being busy that I forget to just enjoy. Which leads me to ask myself… am I just filling up days with stuff to do or am I doing stuff that is fulfilling?

This time stealing aspect of the weekend has created a no-pressure zone. Plus the weather is cold and blustery… perfect for a ghost! There have been a couple of things I want to research. I think a Turkish travel agent might just top the list!


  1. oh Claire..so sorry for your missed trip. but time stealing may be what you really needed. 🙂 enjoy!

  2. Awesome thought – am I just filling up days with stuff to do or am I doing stuff that is fulfilling? Something to really think about – thanks! Glad you are enjoying your ‘you’ time!

  3. Susan Wachowiak

    Sometimes things just turn out for the best. Sounds like this may be one of “those” times. Relax and enjoy your time bonus!

  4. Terri Martinson

    Claire, you are always so insightful and funny! I would have freaked out, but you handle these things with such grace and wisdom. Glad you could enjoy your extra gift of time and thanks for constantly sharing new insights with all of us!

  5. Jude Pidgeon

    Just follow what brings you joy.

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