Dinner Party

First Turkish dinner party … check! Not sure if I would call the soup potatotastic, but it was good and the company was great.  I really enjoy having friends over and getting to know more about their lives-you just never really know about people.

Anyways, I had the main ingredients translated and although it was a bit stressful in terms of just really not having a firm grasp on converting measurements into the metric system… it was a nice, relaxing time.  I am attaching a couple of photos. Forgot how many dishes are involved in these things!!!

Just another reason to visit moi in Istanbul… my cooking!



  1. Susan Wachowiak

    Looks like fun! And I can’t believe you forgot about the number of dishes necessary to put on a dinner!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed looking at the photos! Good times!

  2. Jude Pidgeon

    Lots of dishes but you still don’t come close to your mother. The girls are smiling but the guy has a stern face, reminds me of some of the guys in the pictures I send you. Looked like the party was a success.

  3. Terri Martinson

    Looks like a lot of fun and I was totally thinking about your mom when I saw the pic of all the dishes used! Good times! Are you coming home for Christmas? That would be so awesome!

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