If This is the Future…

I keep hearing reports about China being the future.  There are many reasons that sends chills to my very core, but chief among them is the pollution.  It’s brutal.  I am attaching two photos below.  One is a comparison picture taken from my balcony and the other is on my way to school.  Now, the smog is particularly bad today but I have to say that it’s rarely like the blue sky shot.  But what the photos don’t capture is the smell.  It’s really like living in an exhaust pipe.  I simply don’t know how people manage in this yuck for long periods of time.  I am lucky.  I can get out.  And to think it’s worse in Beijing and Shanghai… bad pipes and this gunk… wow.



  1. Susan Wachowiak

    Yuck! That stuff is thick without even considering the smell! Double whammy!!!!!!!

  2. How scary, indeed. That’s just gross and irresponsible. Yikes!

    1. Irresponsible is a great word for it… too true… cough, hack, cough

  3. China is scary in many ways. I hope that whatever future we can muster with or without China, we learn a few things from past mistakes first.

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