A Little Over One Hundred Days

Not that I am counting. I mean; it’s not like I am looking up maps of Turkey, or calling packing companies, or making plans for the summer… Vegas anyone?  Well, I would look at the maps more if the PRC didn’t block just about everything here. Plus, I will have to post this blog at school since my VPN doesn’t work anymore…  No, I am not counting at all.

I must tell you a story about why Jen is my BFF Asia.  I know I have written a lot about that particular friendship lately, but if you saw us together, you would know why… we just have fun.  So the other day we are on the subway, heading to Lowu to buy material to have some clothes made. Well there are times in China, if you are a Westerner, that you sometimes get laughed at. Some people will look at you, discuss, look back at you, and then proceed to laugh. It’s something one just gets used to.  Well these three people on the subway were actually pretty obnoxious and obvious about it. So blonde haired, blue eyed Jen just looks at them and say in Mandarin, “Is there a problem?”  Boy, did that shut them up quickly.  It was awesome. 

Also, I am all about Instagram right now.  It’s basically photo tweets and I’ve probably mentioned it before. For me, this app represents the best of technology as it brings together a community; it’s a great way to connect with others of similar interests and also, be inspired and motivated.  It ups my game, which I love.  If you have an iPhone, check out Instagram.


  1. Debi Mauricio

    Claire, I am so excited for you and your upcoming adventure to Turkey. I took the time to look at the website about Turkey, and it’s quite fascinating. I had no idea! I may just have to travel to that part of the world while you are there. 🙂

    1. Amazing history and yes, please come and visit, especially while I am there. You will LOVE it. Yeah!!!

  2. Susan Wachowiak

    I do hope I get to met Jen as some time. She sounds like so much fun.
    And she speaks Mandarin, what a combo!

  3. I love Instagram too, and I love seeing your great pics. Can’t wait to see what you post from turkey.

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