Shanghai Darling

This October, I plan on taking a digital film making class in Hong Kong.  Although it’s a bit pricey, it’s with the instructor that I took my digital photography class so it’s in English! The class promises to teach students how to create a movie that tells a story – something that I think is missing from my current videos.  It also seems like a great class to take before I head off to Turkey in November!  Plus, movie making looks interesting and fun!

So right now, I am afraid you are stuck with a very amateur film that was shot on my iPhone.  I put together two videos of Shanghai’s skyline from The Bund with Coldplay’s ‘Till Kingdom Come’ in the background.  It was a pretty blustery, rainy night and the clouds were hovering over the tops of the buildings. In my mind, it gave the whole scene an eerie, magical glow.



  1. Jim Monahan

    It’s starting to look like the US over there.
    Best Regards,

  2. I have been there last December, it really looks like NYC, and I took the same picture from the bund as well.
    But it just looks like, because NYC is NYC!
    Best regards

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