Ailing in China

I’m sick. It’s been about a week and I can’t shake this thing. I have napped, watched DVDs, read books and magazines, even tried to positive think it out, and my internet connection is awful.  Seriously, I just wanna check out the latest gossip sites… nothing tricky there.  I have already been kicked off twice in the past half-hour.  Otherwise, I have about five channels to choose from and two of those are CNN and the BBC.   So yes.  I am in the land of self-pity but I will be out soon enough. A friend of mine is sick as well and she is camped out on my couch.  What a pair.


  1. Debi Mauricio

    Get well soon 🙂

  2. Kate Freeman

    Oh, Claire-Bear! I wish I could get a nice, cold, wet rag for your forehead. Being sick sucks big time! I wish I could give you a hug right now :). Don’t give up; never surrender! Hang in there and I send you peaceful, healthy vibes. Love ya, Clare!

  3. So sorry to hear you are under the weather and hope this bug is short lived.
    Keep posting.


  4. Hannah Zaino

    Hi Ms Wachowiak! I hope you feel better soon! I can’t believe it’s been two years since I saw you! Hannah 🙂

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