How’s the Food?

Being home is wonderful.  This morning, I got into my mom and dad’s comfy bed while my mom was fixing her hair; we were chatting about all sorts of stuff and there was this great breeze coming in the window.  I thought this is one of those great, small moments that I will fall back on when I am feeling homesick.

I am not going to lie.  Last year was incredibly difficult at times.  Sometimes, I just got through the day, barely, only to get up and start all over again in a foreign land.  Many times, it was a struggle to remain positive and upbeat. But there were also fantastic moments of personal triumphs.  Little worries I had before, now I just brush off my shoulder.  I mean, I conquered Hong Kong… what did you do today type thing.  And I think it’s this mix of hardship and challenge, which can be very humbling, with these personal triumphs that has given me this new sense of self.  Oddly, I feel more comfortable in my own skin now then I ever have.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am still a work in progress, but I guess I like the direction I am headed.

Things I miss about the States that I took for granted:

1)   the radio – music old and new
2)   cool breezes coming in while I nap – heaven
3)   fast, interrupted internet service – had no idea how much I took this for granted
4)   Bravo – I miss the mind-numbing television
5)   Choices, choices, choices – do people in the US even know how good they have it?

Since I have been home, people keep asking me about the food in China.  I have to say, I am probably the last person to ask about food.  It’s like asking a fish about bicycles. I am just not a foodie. I don’t really even like watching cooking shows; just not that interested.   That I wish I could change about myself as I feel that I am missing a great part of the experience and culture of a place, but then again, I suppose there are worse things!

And a quick shout out to Christy… my mom did make me a sandwich and it was delicious!

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