About the Dress

Now that school is rapidly coming to a close and summer is upon us, I have been planning my trip back to the States.  More importantly, I have been planning my wardrobe.

One thing that I really miss about the States is Target.  Laugh if you will, but a world without Target is dark and lonely.  I miss roaming the aisles and finding that deal on something I didn’t know I needed or the $4.99 shirt that everyone asks about.  This is the stuff of life people and China doesn’t have anything to compare.

What China does have though are tailors. Well a few weeks back I was in Hong Kong and I purchased this super cute dress.  I mean; I am crushing on this dress.  And as soon as I put it on, I knew that I was going to have it samed, samed.

The thing is, you really can’t count on the same, same turning out exactly as you planned. I have had several things made at the Chinese National Tailor here in Old Shekou.  Some have been on the mark, but some have completely gone wrong. Like, throw this away; it’s not worth even trying to salvage wrong.  However, this time they got it right and my heart is fluttering.

When I have posted about having things made in the past, I usually don’t put in photos of myself with the new clothes.  I mean, if you are my friend, you know what I look like, I know what I look like, so who needs photos of me?  Well, like I said, I am crushing on these dresses and I must share them with you.  I feel like these photos are kind of a bad Facebook post though, so I apologize ahead of time.  Check out the dresses… how cute are they??? The orange one is the original and the other two are the ones I had made… loves it!


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  1. Debi Mauricio

    Nice. And we’ve hardly seen pictures of you for a whole year, so it was nice catching up and seeing what you look like, great hair, great dresses. See you soon! Enjoy the end of school. (We’re done :))

  2. Jim Monahan

    Very stylish dresses.

  3. Cindy Zaino

    You look fabulous! Love the hair! The dresses are so much fun. Hannah says hi:)

  4. Susan Wachowiak

    Classy, as always!!!!!!!!!

  5. Classy…and sassy! Love the dresses, love the haircut, and it’s so great to see YOU! Can’t wait to see you in person! Happy end of school!

  6. Nice dresses, but we can’t see that you wear some really nice crocs nowadays… :-p

  7. LOVE – LOVE – LOVE. Especially the white one. Can’t wait to see you in a short few weeks… let me know if you need a partner in crime for a Target run!

  8. Theresa Cardillo

    Haute couture!

  9. Gorgeous as usual! Great dresses. I’d like some of that same-same, too! See you soon 🙂

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