Motorcycle Diaries

Yesterday, I headed into Hong Kong with some friends from school.  Each of us had some specific things we needed so off we went. Now, any chance I have to go to Hong Kong; I try to go because well, I love it there.

So as we were walking around, we passed a fantastic breakfast place called The Frying Pan.  It’s really a bit of home with good prices and good food.  I really wasn’t even that hungry, but as soon as I saw that sign, I suddenly had a craving for a good, hearty American breakfast.  Unfortunately, some others in the group did not share the same feelings as they were in a hurry to finish their shopping and catch an early ferry back to Shekou.

Okay, I have to just say this.  I can promise you that I will never be in a hurry to catch the early ferry to get back to Shekou from Hong Kong.  It’s like rushing to leave a perfect day on the beach so you can sit in a poorly lit waiting room to get a tooth removed.  Trust me.

It turns out that I wasn’t the only person who wanted a delicious breakfast and didn’t want to leave Hong Kong quite yet.  This is a guy that I didn’t really know that well.  I mean, we’ve hung out at parties and that sort of thing, but I’ve never really spoken with him for any length of time.  So when he suggested that we break and head off on our own, I was delighted.

We ended up going to breakfast and then just walking around Hong Kong.  We went to The Peak where we saw panoramic views of Hong Kong and I felt the most exquisite breeze blowing my hair in all sorts of new directions.  While doing all of this walking, we ended talking about all sorts of things, from who we are supposed to be, life choices, to the best sport in the world (soccer as far as I am concerned).  We both agreed that baseball is just too slow.  Sorry Nick. This guy turned out to be surprisingly charming and fun to talk to.  Then he mentioned this motorcycle trip that he and some friends were thinking of taking around Thailand next year.

Now, I am not sure what it is, but since I got back from Thailand, there is something in me that switched.  Not a Britney Spears kind of switch, but a turn just the same.  Think of it as driving.  You know when you are in your car, there’s lots of traffic and you are trying to merge but no one seems to let you in and you are hesitant to drive too aggressively?  But then there is a sudden opening that let’s you in if you are just a tad pushy?  You get in the lane and begin moving forward with the radio on and a Café Yen in hand?  That’s what I feel like.  I am in the lane, moving forward, traffic cleared.

I asked this new friend to think of including me on this trip because it would literally be a dream come true for me.  Now, I also understand that he just might want it to be a guy trip – I completely understand that and wouldn’t in the least be offended if that were the case.  But it did get me thinking of my next adventure and I thought even if I don’t go with them; I need to make this happen.  However, first I need to learn how to ride a motorcycle.  I already looked up motorcycle training courses through the DMV in San Diego. I know what I am doing this summer. Life is good.

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  1. Jim Monahan

    Good idea. Just be sure to get a helmet.
    Many Blessings!

  2. Jim Monahan

    Don’t forget to wear a helmet.

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