An Open Letter to My Mom

Will you make me a sandwich?’ I always know my mom will.  Even if she is busy with something else, I know in my heart my mom will take the time and make me a delicious sandwich, exactly how I like it.  On top of that, she will usually add a little extra something on the plate, like a homemade brownie or some chips.  That’s the kind of mom she is.  Then she’ll ask if I want something to drink with that.  And she will say, ‘Don’t get up’ and mean it as she brings in a refreshing beverage. That’s how I think of my mom-always watching out for me, taking care of me.  My sisters just roll their eyes when they hear me ask my mom for a sandwich.  They say silly things like make it yourself.  My mom will then hug me, tell them to leave me alone, and then make me the sandwich.  Awesome, right?  She’s just that kind of mom.  I feel so lucky to have a mom like her.  I can always count on her, she has a way of knowing exactly what I need or need to hear.  It makes my heart sad to think of people who don’t have moms who make sandwiches for them.

People ask me where I get my confidence to do the things I do.  I have to be honest and say that when I start to get scared or second-guess myself, I think of how much my mom loves me.  Any self-doubts are pretty much erased because I know she is with me, cheering me on. And if I went home today, I guarantee I would be eating one of the tastiest sandwiches in the whole world; complete with something right out of the oven. What more could one daughter ask for?

Thank you mom for all of the sandwiches and for giving me so much love.  You are the best. I love you.



  1. Claire, I had tears in my eyes after reading this one! What a testimony to your great relationship with your wonderful mom! Nice job! You are an incredible writer, and an amazing woman!

  2. Cindy W.

    Love it! It made me smile! Now I’m going to go and make my kids read it!

  3. Susan Wachowiak

    I love you, too, Claire. I am very lucky to have such an incredible daughter!

  4. I will always think of you, your mom and me, my mom everytime I have a sandwich. I love this story!

    Happy Chinese New Year!

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