It’s Not You, It’s Me

I would like to take a moment to share with my friends and family a sad break up of a beautiful relationship.

This particular relationship was with a soul mate that has been with me since I arrived in China.  You could say that he got me through some tough times.  I mean, he offered me sweetness and comfort when I was new to this unfamiliar place.  He went with me to school and shopping trips.  He was even with me on several death defying cab rides.  I can’t tell you what how much I depended upon him.  We were partners in crime.

And his name is Andes Mocha.

Yes. I am talking about coffee from a café called Andes.  My parents, Aunt, and Uncle will attest that this is some good coffee.  I had a similar relationship with my Krups espresso maker in San Diego.  Each day, Krups and I would share a smile as I prepared my mocha.  It was beautiful thing. I still miss him.

Now, in an effort to stop the flow of money that leaves my pocket each day, I have been examining my spending choices.  I’ve come to the conclusion that this particular activity isn’t pleasant, but like going to the dentist, it’s necessary for a healthy smile.

In my defense, I realized early on that dinners and drinks with friends here adds up. Quickly.  So I have been good about budgeting and simply not spending my money that way.  But then I calculated how much I shell out for coffee.

Do you know that feeling when you wish you had a time machine so you could go back and tell yourself something?  Like the other day, I wish I could have gone back in time so I could give myself a hug for buying Peanut M&Ms for my lunch.  Or go back to my early twenties and tell myself to start a Roth IRA.  You know, little or big, a time machine would come in handy sometimes.

As for my coffee, I figured out a pretty good estimate and let’s just say; I could have funded my entire trip to Thailand on what I have spent on some milk, chocolate, and espresso.  Thailand.

With that said, I am just glad that I figured it out now.  This is not a proud moment, but I know now that when Andes Mocha wants to visit, I have to think of my next adventure and decide… is he worth it?

It’s not you; it’s me, Andes Mocha. Me and my wallet.


  1. Christy Herrmann

    Claire, when I open up email and find you have posted something it is always the first thing I read. I love your stories, I love your take on your experiences, and I love the way you write. Thanks so much for making my day by writing another episode of “Claire’s World!” and keep ’em comin’

    Coming to you from Mill Valley, CA

  2. Right on!!!!

  3. Love it!

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